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About Us is part of Torah Learning Resources Ltd. (a non profit organization.) serves as an archive of Daf Yomi classes given by Rabbi Eli J. Mansour. Visitors to can select Masechet and Daf, and then click download or listen, to hear Rabbi Mansour deliver its shiur in English. Downloads are in MP3 or WMA format, and clicking ‘Play’ delivers the shiur in Real Player format.

Rabbi Eli Mansour resides in Brooklyn, New York in the Sephardic Community. Rabbi Mansour serves as Rav to Congregation Bet Yaakov currently housed at Har HaLebanon and is very well known for his uplifting motivational lectures on all Torah facets.

More than 500 of Rabbi Mansour’s shiurim can be downloaded and heard by visiting His shiurim cover every aspect of Torah living, from Insights on the Parasha, to In-Depth Understanding of Neviim, to Lectures on Morality, to Holiday Preparation, and much more.

Rabbi Mansour also gives a Halacha a day at There you can hear his 3-4 minute oration, or read an edited transcription. Halachot can be searched by keyword, or by category, and as such serves as a great reference for Halachot relating to every matter in Torah living. Register to receive the Halacha everyday by email by visiting

Sponsor-A-Daf on in honor or in memory of a loved one. The cost is $101.00 per Daf. The proceeds go to a non-profit organization called ‘Torah Learning Resources’. This organization was set up to administrate and finance,,, a new site coming soon, and to administrate Rico Tousoune’s Keter Tapes operations.

The Rabbi gives the Daf Yomi class everyday at 6:00 AM at Har HaLebanon. Shacharit follows at 7:00 AM. For Dafs that fall out on Shabbat and Holidays, the Rabbi will pre-record the class and it can later be heard by visiting this web site. started on March 2, 2005 with the 12th cycle of the world scheduling of Daf Yomi. People out of town who want to participate via live teleconference should email us for more information. (Make sure to include your name, email address, city, and country, when requesting teleconference participation.)

The audio clips contained within this site, are made available for the listening pleasure and learning benefit of the individual user. These clips may NOT be duplicated, distributed, made available via the internet, broadcasted, or reproduced in any way shape or form without the express written consent of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour. Misuse of these recordings are considered a form of Gezel (thievery.) Please use proper discretion.

Please feel free to contact us via email with any technical issues, or with any comments, opinions, or suggestions for improvement.

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